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I've had hyperacusis (along with tinnitus) for a few years.  At first it was bad and then gradually improved perhaps due to listening to pink noise a couple of hours a day or just time.


Recently (I hadn't been listening to pink noise for a year now I think) the hyperacusis got much worse, maybe because of a night of loud noise exposure or some extensive air travel that I have taken.


I'm thinking of starting to listen to pink noise again with headphones and mp3 player to see if it helps.  Is there a limit on how much time I should listen to it in a day?  Also, from experience or studies, if I listen to more hours per day will it improve faster?






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I started out doing 2 hours a day at a tolerable but challenging volume and was seeing improvements within 2 weeks.  After that, I started doing about twice that much and pushed the volume more, but my H started to get worse.  I was overdoing it and have since gone back down and working my way up more gradually.  I think 2 hours is a good level to begin with and you can work your way up from there.

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