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I find that normal hifi speakers or tv speaker put too much emphasis on the bass and mid frequencies.
I don't like to listen to these outputs for a long time. However, I still watch 2-3 hours using special speakers. I use neutral studio monitors, they cost me around 400 bucks but all frequencies are presented in a very neutral way.
I attached them to a small mixing desk to adjust the volume (there is also an eq, so that I can take out annoying frequencies (bass, mid, high) a little bit. With this equipment I can watch my favourite TV series for hours without my ears getting tired.

I just wanted to share that info with you since I read that some people with hyperacusis have stopped watching tv or listening to music. But if you've got T or/and H, music and TV can provide a little bit of distraction as long as it is not hurting your ears.

Good quality speakers with a neutral sound might help you, too. But: Try before buy. (Or buy on the internet). But be careful if you go to a music equipment store: There are many "dangerous" sounds, like a drummer testing new drums, techno freaks checking out new you might wanna consider buying speakers online and trying at home.

(I use the old Rokit5 KRK, bought them 9 years ago. Not sure about the newer versions)
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