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Recently diagnosed with H and T. I am curious how many people are still able to continue their daily routines like going to work, gym and other activities. My job exposed me to loud noises in an unsafe environment so i naturally could not go back as my job forced noise exposure and my H was very bad for the first few months.

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Hi Josh,

Welcome to the site.  You are experiencing what many of us with H & T are going through.  Unfortunately the bureaucratic process to qualify for workman's comp or disability do not recognize H & T as a debilitating condition and we are often refused compensation, and our health insurance in the USA does not recognize H as a eligible condition for the TRT treatment. Some with H & T have received disability compensation by claiming stress and anxiety.  You are not alone with H & T impacting your life if you read some of the posts on the H Network, there are many examples of how bad H & T can get.

I am pleased to see that you have started TRT.  The recovery process can be slow and you should take joy in any progress that you make in your recovery. If you are fortunate to make a full recovery, I would recommend that you never return to old job with the exposure to the high sound level. 

I was lucky enough to be able to retire recently, but a normal daily routine is out of the question because of the everyday noise exposure. I am also doing TRT and trying to recovery from H & T that I also got from loud sound exposure.

I wish you the best,

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