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Well I am glad I found this wonderful site. I can understand when people on this site say it saved them as I feel the same. Following an accident at work in Oct 2009 where I got a very loud blast of high sound from a phone (not call centre) straight into my left ear my life has turned upside down. I have a fullness in my ear, unbearable tinnitus and what I now understand to be hyperacusis.

I thought I was going mad - I cannot tolerate or understand groups of folk talking, can loudly hear fans in printers and computers at work, fridges, my kettle boiling, hate getting stuck in traffic cause of the noise, sirens are awful - I panic at those, going food shopping hearing every beep of people's shopping at each till- the list goes on and on !!  You all know what I mean.

I struggle to get to sleep with the tinnitus or when I do wake I cannot then get back to sleep. I regularly go to work having only slept a few hours - this is someone who used to be an 8 hr a night sleeper. Never in my life have I had sleeping problems. I love my job and have not had time off sick even though I needed to on many occasions but worried it will effect my professional record.

I have seen a private ENT who has been really nice and told me I have acoustic trauma but keep getting different tablets for this and that but none helped in the slightest.  I am now on the NHS and seen a really rude ENT guy who didnt even look up as I came in the room - talked to his desk the whole time !!! He told me I was stressed and when I asked why I have the fullness and clicking in my ear - he said he didnt know and to take a holiday and gave me  Amatryptaline !!! I cried as I told him no more tablets which only confirmed in his eyes that I was stressed up woman. Tried to make him understand I am stressed because I have a physical condition & trying to cope day to day & night is a nightmare .  I have been given 3 hearing tests which I found very uncomfortable. My work's Occ Health was the one who stopped me going completely mad when he actually listened.

I have been married for a long time but its affecting us. I cannot bear his snoring now and he is hurt that I react that way. We dont go out much and I used to love a party  and dance (cannot cope with all the jumbled sounds or noise). Have gone out but with earplugs in and couldnt get to sleep for the tinnitus being sooo loud. My grandaughter doesnt shout loud - she made me cry when she said she must be quiet cause it hurts Nana 's ears - bless her :-(

Where am now?  Well I dont want any more tablets - all my life I have hated taken any!! got myself off to Counselling ( new concept for me but try  anthing to cope), have bought the Pink CD from this site and listening to this, going for a body massage to relax me and just trying to get the bubbly positive person I was before back. Day to day life and work is a massive struggle as I attend meetings all the time but have got BOSE nose cancelling headset which gives me a rest. I know I am stressed but try to hide it as so afraid to make others around me miserable. I am at ENT clinic in March 2010

Thank you so much all for sharing your information and promise next coment will be short !!

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Welcome Jackie,

I feel for you as I recall watching my own hope slipping away, until I too found this site. 

May I suggest that you have your husband spend some time reading the posts on this site.  He can then better understand you and know how to support your treatment.

Did you look at the list of TRT trained doctors in your area?  There is a list on this site.  You need to find a TRT trained doctor.

God bless,

Mark Bergemann
The Hyperacusis Network saved my life (that's the way I see it)

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Hi, I also just joined this site.  I have had tinnitus and hyperacusis in both ears for a long time and spent much time going from ENT to ENT without getting any answers and no positive results.  I finally found one that at least understood that the condition exists but treatment for it was unknown, (this was before the internet).  Things gradually improved to the point where I could tolerate the sounds around my house, but I suffered a setback a few months ago due to the sound from two smoke detector alarms and my tinnitus became much worse and the hyperacusis came back with a vengeance.  I have also been getting by on a few hours sleep a night.  I went to see a psychiatrist at the recommendation of my general doctor to try and get help with the sleep.  When I told her I could hardly function anymore because of the hyperacusis, tinnitus and lack of sleep, she said that it was all because I was depressed and that I needed to check myself into the hospital where they could treat the depression, so no point in seeing that doctor any more, and not even covered by my insurance.  Sorry for the long reply, but I guess the point of it is that you are not alone with this problem.  I am also struggling greatly with my setback, and I had thought I had learned to live with this before, but never this bad.  My good ENT gave me some information on the offices in my area that do the TRT programs and I have contacted one to set up an appointment, so I keep hoping there will be a solution. 

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Thanks Mark for the advice & support. Forgot to say I am only 45 years.  Hi whf isnt it amazing that when the stress of this gets to us that all medical people can do is try to treat depression!!!
I know what my problem is and thankfully am a very srtong person. With all your help and advice I will keep positive  and seek to cope with this

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Hello Jackie,

I thought I was going mad - I cannot tolerate or understand groups of folk talking, can loudly hear fans in printers and computers at work, fridges, my kettle boiling, hate getting stuck in traffic cause of the noise, sirens are awful - I panic at those, going food shopping hearing every beep of people's shopping at each till- the list goes on and on !!  You all know what I mean.>

Yes I know exactly what you mean.  I was born with hyperacusis, and have lived with this condition since birth.  It is all I have ever known.  (Imagine my surprise when I found out other people do not even notice these noises, much less find them painful!)

You are accurate in saying that you are stressed BECAUSE you have a physical condition. Although the ENT has no way to test for it, I would imagine the hair like cells in your inner ear (the cochlea) were damaged from the acoustic trauma (the blast of noise into your left ear).  I have a link with simple information on this phenomenon, but cannot vouch for the products offered for sale.  Link:

Since the origin of the problem is acoustic trauma to the inner ear, it makes sense that those inner ear cells will need time to heal (kind of like a broken ankle), and the best strategy may be to keep your ears protected until healing occurs (just like you would not walk on a broken ankle).  You are right in assuming that anti depressants will not help (kind of like taking an antacid to heal a broken ankle). 

Counseling may be helpful, only in so far as it would give you a safe place to vent your frustrations as you wait for your inner ear to heal.  Wearing the Bose headset is an excellent way to take the strain off your cochlea while it heals.  As for your husband, tell him you love him enough to sleep alone for now.  I have found both sleeping alone (which I have done for years) and using a sound machine with the ocean sound (set on low volume)  enables me to be soothed and sleep well.

Since your work and life already have plenty of noise, using pink noise may not be a good plan initially, and could actually make your condition worse.  While those inner ear cells are trying to heal, subjecting them to the pink noise in addition to the normal noise of your job and life, is just an additional stress on them, which could slow down their healing. 

Best regards,


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