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This is a subject is somewhat touchy, but I’d like some input and help. While living in Florida, I applied for SS Disability but was denied because they said I could still do other types of jobs. However, the truth is I can’t even imagine doing any kind of job at this moment. I’m scared to death of being anywhere outside of my home for a long time. Also, I think the stress associated with doing a task for any period of time would cause my tinnitus to flare up and my hyperacusis to worsen. My H & T worsen at home with my 2-year old and each time I have a hard time. In short, I have a lot of anxieties associated with the prospect of going back to work.

I’m thinking of appealing, but it seems like a lost cause. Thus far, lawyers are unwilling to help me because hyperacusis is an uphill fight they don’t want to undertake. Any advice? Suggestions?


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Hi jayjay;
I can tell you in all honesty it is a fight to get SSI, but because of my constant dizziness, fall risk and the pain that I am in, I was able to fight and win my case.
They denied me twice stating that where I was not blind I was not eligible, like being like THIS isn't bad enough? I found a disability lawyer who would take my case and after first meeting them, they told me "I have NO idea why they've been denying you all this time, you're certainly eligible and deserve it!"
It also didn't hurt that the day of my hearing, a man walked into the room I was in and shouted "Happy St. Patricks Day!" and the sound put me in agony and dropped me to the floor in tears.
Later on I found out that gentleman was the judge at my hearing! They asked me 2 questions for the record, sent me out to deliberate, my lawyer came out 3 minutes later and said I was approved, back to the initial date of disability.
I think you can sheck the SSA website and see what they say are the qualifications for applying. I know where to look but I have great difficulty reading, else I'd find it for you.
I did find this info for you.
Good luck to you.
Sylvia (LT)
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