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Hi, Can anyone please help me????
 In 1984 I had a radical mastoidectomy(left ear) which left me with complete hearing loss in my left ear and full head Tinnitus,(four different sounds, dominated by the high pitch tone) Ive managed to live with this over the years.Two years ago I started with pulsatile Tinnitus.
 In February last year (2009) I was suddenly struck with an episode of rumbling/droning accompanied by deafness in my right ear. This lasted three days then suddenly left me. I mentioned this to my ENT on my annual visit in April 2009, he had no idea what it could be. He then proceeded with suction machine for wax in the right ear. I noticed later that afternoon I had become very sensitive to sounds.
 Now I had a new problem,  -loud laughter clapping, sneezing, snoring, paper rustling papers etc, etc, was unbearable .Shopping centres were out of the question. 
The following week the rumbling and deafness returned but now all outside sound was amplified to a dreadful crescendo .I thought I was going insane with noise! 
My ENT and DR have no idea what it is, The ENT prescribed me steroids and Serc to take when an episode stuck. CT scan, blood tests -all clear. Audiology tests -no change from previous year!
Again another condition I was told to live with. You can imagine how I felt.....what was happening!
  I Googled in my symptoms re sensitivity to sound and found this wonderful web site, I cant tell you what a relief it was to find a name for what I have "HYPERACUSIS ". Reading through information supplied by you courageous people I learnt how to slowly introduce myself to sound . It has taken me over a year but I'm now managing without ear plugs. I still avoid loud places and use plugs when vacuuming etc. I changed my diet, take Magnesium, Tebonin,Vit B, Omega 3. Calcium. I nasal irrigate daily.

 My main concern is these reacurring episodes of rumbling and deafness, they occur every few days and usually last 3/4 days of sheer hell!
 The deafness amplifies the Tinnitus so wearing ear plugs is out of the question. Besides the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, what is this other symptom ??
 My ears are driving me insane, I feel at my wits end.
 Ive always been a positive outgoing person, my work involved caring for others. It is a crippling, isolating condition  and has changed my life completely.I feel as if I cant cope anymore. Any advice would be appreciated. God Bless you all.

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