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Hello Demi,
I received your private message via email, and apologize for answering in a public forum. I am typing from my phone and can't access messaging from my phone.
I would love to correspond or post messages and be of any help to you or others. Currently, I am employed as a community support worker 25 hours a week, and attend college full time to get my masters degree in counseling. In one month, my life will slow down, and I will be available then.
People may wonder if I have achieved normalcy from hyperacusis? The answer is no, although I have a functional life now. I can't do "normal" activities if they are even moderately loud. I had a huge set back in church March, 2013 thanks to the microphone.
I want to encourage people that there is hope. In 2006, I injured my ears from a gun shot. I spent 3 1/2 years living as a hermit. Going to the grocery store was an ordeal. Ear specialists told me I was a medical mystery. I wore earplugs all the time except for sleeping. Then, in 2009, I found a Dr who said I had hyperacusis. From there, I did a Google search and found this message board. I went to a Dr knowledgeable in hyperacusis and began recovering.
A year later, January 2011, was able to attend quiet college classes. I am very thankful to God. In March, 2013, I had a big set back, but do what I can. I went from category 4 to a fairly normal life. Oh, my classes now are online or itv. I am forever grateful to Dan Malcore for the help this message board gave me.
I'll get back on in about four weeks. Until then, I wish you all the best.
Your friend,
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