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Hello everyone. Name's Chris, 30 years old and i'm a tinnitus sufferer in the UK.

I have a few Qs regarding HyperAcute Hearing.

I have suffered from tinnitus all my life (all 30 years of it ) and recently have noticed something i thought everyone could hear.

My tinnitus is primarily 2 high pitched squeals in BOTH ears, very high frequency. They change randomly to a very low WOO noise, perhaps in one ear or sometimes both.

I am noticing more and more i can hear things other people can't. Lights, hard drives - basically anything electrical. I can hear the high pitch frequencies associated with the equipment. Others can't, it makes me think i'm daft sometimes.

I also went through a small period not so long ago, where i went deaf, then it cleared and everything hurt to listen too - this has since gone away, but i still have unbelievable hearing. I hear loads of stuff others can't - allbeit i have tinnitus in the background 24/7.

It's not really painful or anything.

I'm currently using an in ear white noise generator to try and help with the tinnitus. However, reading this site, something tells me a pink noise one may be better? Is this something i should take up with my auditory consultant?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for any help.


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Hi Chris.  Welcome to the Network. 


Regarding your questions about hyperacute hearing, you will be happy to know it is entirely different from hyperacusis.  Hyperacusis is a decreased tolerance of sound, while hyperacute hearing means that you have great hearing.


Pink noise is more tolerable than white noise for folks with hyperacusis.  For people with tinnitus, but not hyperacusis, it is likely the in-ear devices you already use are perfectly fine.  You might talk to your audiologist about the difference between using background sound for the purposes of masking (i.e., covering up) the tinnitus  vs. using in-ear generators for the purposes of habituation of tinnitus. 


I hope this is helpful.




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Hi Chris,
Sorry to butt in, trying to get in touch w/ Rob.
I do hope u get better, the people on this site r most helpful especially rob.

Bev here , been a while., bad setback. can u please e-mail me or instant message me. I have a question for u. ears still not great so I'm limited to my time on computer but its pretty important.

Chris again sorry to write on ur post trying to get in touch w/ rob.
God Luck
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