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I am new to this forum and would like your opinion on my symptoms, the docs certainly didn't help.


2 months ago I felt some hearing loss in my right ear+an annoying high pitch constant sound that didn't go away and got much worse in a quiet environment. I was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss and put on prednisone which didn't help at all.


I got used to the tinnitus (more or less) but a week ago started experiencing a new symptom, an annoying 'fluttering' in the same ear, especially when I lie down to sleep at night. I read some of the posts here and I suspect it's middle ear myoclonus, it's high frequency, very annoying, feels like a butterfly in my ear. When I lie down it starts after a few minutes, a brief flutter, a few seconds rest and another brief flutter. drives me crazy.


ENT was no help at all, didn't have a clue.


Does anyone experience something similar, especially when lying down? any idea why that is so? is it related to my hearing loss in the same ear? Is it possible it'll go away? can it be a symptom of something serious (tumor?). any help will be greatly appreciated.





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sounds like myoclonus to me, i have heard that this can cause a "hearing loss" but i think not permanent, just because the middle ear tension is outta whack.....a bug or butterfly i have had.dont fret, its not harmful....just irritating beyond belief, but there are options, search the board on this subject and you will put the ents to shame with knowledge.

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