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i've just been diagnosed with hearing loss (of a 65 year old and I have quite a few years to go to reach that age), hyperacusis, and tinnitus and I feel my life is going is changing drastically
I was on holiday in spain about 2 months ago and there were a lot of bangers and fireworks going off at a festival next morning I knew something had happened to my ears. I've been told by a specialist that it was not the fireworks that something underlying was going on. I've had an MRI last week and have yet to get the results. So what happens I'm stressed wondering if something is wrong, like a tumor then what happens the hyperacusis gets worse.  Even in work being on the telephone makes it worse. I can't get my head around having to see about a hearing aid when sound makes my ears worse. Anybody else have the same problem. I'd really appreciate some advice or valium 



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Hi Susan, (((( Smiles ))))

Glad you found us !
I had not gone to a firework display in years...
I did go to one recently and sat the furtherist farthest away from it..
Everyone who waited to see the display was closer to it then I was..
My ears expirenced pain from that one event..
It hurt..
And I did use my fingers alot too..
But it seemed to be only me with the pain..
Not my husband or as it seemed...
the hundreds of other people closer to it either..
That I know about..
But I can't say for sure what caused your hearing loss yet..
Firework displays in the air sure are loud enough ...
With my H and T.. And I had four hearing tests that showed my hearing
was improveing at the time instead of declining.... hearing loss..
So I didn't face that kind of situation at that time..
though I don't know If I have any loss of now..
Though I don't want to wear a hearing aid either..
But I didn't have to with my H and T at that time...

There are people on the board that have had hearing loss and H ect..
Not everybody...
But some have wrote about it on the board over the years..
Marsha Johnson who is a TRT tech audiologist...
Answered a question about something like that before..
If you do a search under Marsha's name on the Forums..
She may explain how one does TRT.. Sound therapy...
With a hearing loss such as yours...

Good Luck To You...
Lots of people have improved over time with their H..
T can get better also as well as it did for me..
And my T was pretty bad as well...
At one time...
Have you checked out this side of the board yet ??
More information on that subject over there..
That may help you...

Take Care


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Hi, Susan,

I remember waiting for the results of my MRI when I first started having problems with sound tolerance. It was scary. But I also realized that audial tumors are pretty rare. I was also pretty sure my problems had to do with sound exposure, so that cut the worrying a bit.

I am waiting for my sound generators/hearing aids. THe sound genreators will help the hyperacusis and tinitus. My left ear has substantial hearing loss, so that one gets a combo unit - sound generator plus hearing aid.

When I was first approched about an aid, I thought the doctor was nuts. I've had so much problem with sound. All's I needed was something to make sound louder!

My current doctor, who is trained to deal with H, explained that the aid will actually help me improve faster. She said H is generally thought to be a problem with the way the neural system processes sound. Right now, the neural system doesn't get alot of "normal" sounds because of my hearing loss prevents the nerve signals from getting through. The hearing aid compensates for that.  Now I will actually re-learn to process sound faster since the signals my brain recieves are more "normal" due to the hearing aid. I hope I am explaining this OK.

As you've suggested, Hyperacusis can be life changing. It seems you have a doctor who understands. When I first started looking for help 10 years ago, I saw many doctors who had no idea what was going on with me.

I hope this is helpful, and best to you,


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