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Hi, I am working for a marketing company. I was living alone in my house for the last two years. To avoid the loneliness, I used to try cocaine. To be frank, I am a cocaine addict. I am in a relationship from last six months. He is a good guy. He drinks, but hates people who use drugs. I haven't relieved that I use cocaine. If he comes to know he is gonna kill me and my am suffering from hearing loss too. I want to get rid this cocaine addiction before he comes to know about it. Last day, I tried keeping it away from me. But I was unable to resist myself from not having cocaine. I told regarding my cocaine usage to my mother. She shouted to me like anything. I told her that I want to get rid of this as soon as possible. She suggested a drug treatment from Vancouver. I was thinking of this kind of treatment. Will this kind of treatment really help to get rid of this addiction? Is there a need for medication? Will I be able to recover through counseling? Is there any need for hospitalization? Before visiting the clinic, is there any steps that I should try? Please help me out in getting out of this addiction. Thanking you in advance.

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I know nothing about cocaine but I have a feeling that everyone has found something that works for them to get through life, and some of these things do more harm than good, such as drugs. Even some rx's can make life awful. Yes, by all means if you can kick the habit, it will do you good, know that we are supporting you through this but remember, you make changes because YOU want to eventually. Its important to make changes for others and because it's the right thing to do but your success in kicking anything in my view will be because you are committed to doing something to make your life permanently better. Only the best of luck and blessings to you through this!
Jane Parks-McKay
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