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Hi folks,

I have a real hard time listening on my cell phone and I am looking for a work around. There are some friends I used to often chat with over the phone but haven’t been able to tolerate due to my hyperacusis. The way the sound is presented through the cellphone speaker is really uncomfortable. In a past post, AnthonyO mentioned a headphone set he uses that helps, but unfortunately it seems like that unit is no longer available. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Many thanks,

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Thanks EDogg for the good & positive shout out about my "infamous headset" that was seemingly, out of production.

OK, Long Story...Very Abridged Version: (But, coming from a long time audio & sound engineer of over 35 years, ya'll probably end up getting the dang long version anyways!)  HA!!!

Indeed, the Bluetooth Headset that I have been using BEFORE, AFTER & DURING my "blessed years" of Hyperacusis; the "Emerson© Bluetooth Headset Model #EM-237C" is indeed, no longer in production...HOWEVER...the patent was purchased by another company and are currently being sold (periodically) on websites like eBay! (Oh Joy...Oh Bliss!)

I wear this headset ALL THE TIME when taking phone calls and when not, the wand type mini-microphone boom swivels back in and one can simply wear the folded-up headset around your neck in a very non-noticeable, non-intrusive manner.  It's a very, "set-it-and-forget-it" type dealio! It "kind of" looks like the wireless headsets that the drive-though window clerks at McDonalds© or Starbucks© wear, BUT MUCH LESS intrusive, MUCH MORE smaller and DOES NOT include the belt pack doo-hickey that clips around their waist. In other words, it's TOTALLY wireless, TOTALLY Bluetooth and can TOTALLY pair up with something as antiquated as an old 1999's "extra-smart" phones!

I have shared this good news with many of my friends here on The Hyperacusis Network site and encouraged them to purchase one...and at least...try it out. I keep plenty in my personal stock (ya know, just like anything in this world...NOTHING lasts forever...things break...and ya gotta go out and buy a new one).  I have been using this model of Bluetooth Headset for about a decade.

NOTE:  What makes this headset more amiable to us who deal with Hyperacusis, is the little "cotton ball" that I insert inside the ear cover. This helps even further damper down the "spikes, peaks & shrills" that can (as you know) come from anybody who's "on-the-other-end" of your phone conversation! The old fashion "cotton ball trick" REALLY works in this scenario! And for those naysayers that exclaim "People who have Hyperacusis SHOULD NEVER WEAR any kind of cotton ball or foam ear plugs in their ears, because they will NEVER habituate or desensitize to sound" well...the cotton ball is OUTSIDE of the ear...NOT inside. (SO THERE...!!!)

Attached you'll see a series of pictures.

> The Bluetooth Headset with it's ear cover removed...
> The Bluetooth Headset with it's ear cover removed and flipped upside down...
> The Bluetooth Headset with it's ear cover removed, flipped upside down and a cotton ball "smooshed" inside it...
> The Bluetooth Headset with it's ear cover (with cotton ball) re-inserted back into the ear piece and it's microphone wand swiveled back into normal position. The wand is FULLY flexible and can bend into ANY form or angle needed to accommodate your mouth, cheek or jawline.
> The Bluetooth Headset as it appeared in it's original Emerson© promotional ad.

OK...still with me so far?

I sent one out to a friend in NY who also had a BAD case of Hyperacusis, and he still uses it today, for if anything, convenience sake...'cause it is totally hands free! Also, I gave one to a local friend here in Los Angeles where reside, and although he doesn't have Hyperacusis, he has a pretty gnarly case of Tinnitus and it REALLY helps him as well!

So...all in all Mr. EDogg...if you would like, go ahead and private message me; we can get in contact with one another...and I WILL PERSONALLY ship to you, one of these BRAND NEW Bluetooth Headsets, from my own personal stock! (Postage Paid...Shipping & Handling waived...and...FREE!!!)

Oh Wow! The Freakin' Deal-O-The-Century!!!

(Let's see Amazon or EBay do that!)  HA!!!

Much thanks EDogg,
Bluetooth Headset #A.jpg  Bluetooth Headset #B.jpg  Bluetooth Headset #C.jpg    Bluetooth Headset #D.jpg    Bluetooth Headset by Emerson.jpg 


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Thank you very much for your kind and detailed reply and very generous offer! I sent you a PM.


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The hyperacusis angels of mercy at work! 
Love this. This is a perfect example of why a message board can be such help.

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I have the exact same problem with sound over speakers, especially those tinny speakers in cell phones. I use my Boze noise cancelling headphones and they work great.

BTW, I also find that any speaker that allows you to adjust the higher frequencies out (such as on a stereo or TV) also works quite well.

Good luck!
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