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Hi again everyone,

I'll just get right to the point with this post, as my last one was a bit lengthy! I am looking for good quality open air headphones to use with the pink noise cd. Any recommendations?

I'm not sure if over the head-open air headphones or earbuds are better to use. Open airs seem to dampen sound no matter if they are open or not, and earbuds seem to not dampen at all, but are more trebel-ish. Any recommendations? Also, won't wearing foam headphones for 8 hours a day, with pink noise or not, decrease tolerance to sound as it muffles some exterior sound?

Thanks again!

Joseph Fasolino

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Open air headphones are much better to use for this purpose than earbuds.  Standard earbuds block more external sound than open air headphones.  The idea is to let as much external sound in as you can.  I used a good set of open air Sennheiser headphones at the time, but the kind I used are no longer made.  I suggest auditioning the headphones in the store to see how they feel to you.  Look for something that is comfortable and lays flat against the ear, rather than encloses it.  To clarify, this approach isn't TRT, but it is a viable way to improve your sound tolerance.  Good luck!

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