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Driving in the car today while doing most of the talking for about 45 minutes caused my t and h to get louder and feel physical ear pain. So much is spoken about habituation, which I have been successful at doing, but when it comes to ear pain I am a wimp. My LDL's are 90-95. I just have to remember to wear my earplug I guess. I'm wondering if this is a daily challenge for anyone and how you deal with it.




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Mark --

Can you describe the pain a little more?  Is it constant, long-lasting pain or is it immediate pain that you experience when someone is talking? 

When you say your hyperacusis gets louder, do you mean that driving in the car caused you to feel more sensitive to sound?  If so, I have a suggestion on that one.  Let me know.

As for the pain, if you feel it only on a momentary basis when you are exposed to a certain sound, that is part of decreased sound tolerance.  But since your LDLs are closing in on normal, the sound would have to be pretty loud, I would imagine, for it to hurt or there may be something else going on.  If the pain is long-lasting, there are a number of possible explanations, including an overactive tensor tympani muscle, but probably not hyperacusis.  To find out more, that sounds like a good thing to talk about with your doctor.

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