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I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some advice from those with experience.

When exposed to loud sound my ears get a sudden blocked feeling with muffled hearing usually followed by a burning sensation in the ear and down the side of my neck. 

I've seen people mention these symptoms on the forum, but I was wondering what people do to get rid of them or how long they usually take to go away on average. 

the same kind of thing has happened to me before; this time  I walked into a band practice room mid rehearsal without realising the drum kit was behind the door I was walking through, I backed out after no more than 8 seconds because I knew what was happening. 

This was 3 days ago and i've had all the aforementioned symptoms since. I've tried audio integration therapy in the past and really helped to get rid of the muffled/blocked feeling but it over a grand, so I'd like to know alternatives people use to treat these symptoms once their hyperacusis is triggered/how long they take to go away after exposure?



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Hey Marco,

Sorry to hear you're having problems. As you stated, yes, it is a very common sensation with loud sound and hyperacusis/sound sensitivity. There were times I thought I was slowly losing my hearing because of the sensation, but I imagine it is likely to do with the inner ear and the auditory input of the brain becoming confused. I haven't found there is anything directly you can do to make it go will eventually go away..I just keep doing the pink noise therapy to get my ears used to sound and it's usually gone in a couple days. Just don't stress about it. Hyperacusis is a physiological for many of us.

Good luck to you,



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That's very normal.

Do TRT or use the pink noise cd...

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