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i would like to get them tested again, it's been like, over a year. i want to see if my reactions to sound are from ldl's being low, or misophonia, or both. i suspect i might react differently if i knew my ldls and they had changed (gone up) ... ie some of my reaction to sound is probably in my amygdala (trauma center, not ears). but how much?

does anyone know a place in northern cal? i could go back to the place i got them before, in San Francisco. But she's gone till the 13th and anyway i thought she was kind of stingy about sharing the results for some weird reason. - although i thought she gave a really good test otherwise.

one advantage of going back to her, of course, is that i might get a more consistent readout since she probably will do them the same way again. i know when in went to that place in Phoenix i got totally different instructions (and results).

okay - does  it matter where i go? any suggestions? i guess i could wait a few weeks.

ps are these covered by insurance, does anyone know?

has anyone else used ldl tests constructively like this?



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Hi Patti,

If I remember right, when you first had them tested, you had a difficult time even getting our results - was that the same person you are thinking of - to have them done by again?

Maybe if you talk to Dr. Robb, he could suggest someone in your area - that would be good - and know how to do the test in accordance with the way I have read that it should be done ...maybe that is why when you went to Phoenix it was done differently and your results were a bit different as well ...

You mentioned-
i know when in went to that place in Phoenix i got totally different instructions (and results).

I have a feeling whichever way you have it done, you will find you are improving.

you wondered-
ps are these covered by insurance, does anyone know?

There is another thread - where DrJ mentioned some insurance codes....though I do not know if the test is covered, it may help to review her post ....
(see post 11 in the following thread)
TRT versus Neuromonics for Tinnitus

Hope you are doing very well Patti!

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p luv -


I’ve had mine tested four times.  It was psychologically helpful to have proof that I was making progress.  I had my own ears’ experience to go by, of course, but the LDL test helped verify my experience and gave me confidence. 


It also helped me to see the areas where I needed to push the envelope some more.  For instance, my LDLs above 6kHz weren’t improving at the same rate as frequencies below 6kHz at one time, and so I began to work with broadband noise that was more ambitious with respect to its amplitude and frequency range and challenged my ears in other ways as well. 


It is a good idea to have the same clinician test your LDLs, if possible, assuming the clinician knows what he or she is doing. 


Do you recall the instructions the clinician in SF gave you? 


It is a good idea for the clinician to administer the test twice and to use the second set of results.  If the clinician knows what to look for, he or she can make an educated guess about the presence of misophonia based on the difference between the first and second set of results. 


The other key to achieving a reliable result on the test is to make sure we ourselves try to be as consistent as possible in our responses to the presented sound or beeps.  If you take the test and tell the clinician to stop when the sound is loud or very loud, that’s not a loudness discomfort test.  The key is to stop at the first sign that the sound is uncomfortably loud and causing a slight bit of physical discomfort.  Loud doesn’t cut it.  Loud with a bit of discomfort is what you’re aiming for, and the reason is that is essentially what hyperacusis feels like. 


If you decide to return to the clinician in SF, I’d suggest you do so only on the condition that she agree up front to share the results with you without hesitation as soon as you complete the full test.  It’s your test and your life and you deserve nothing less.  If she doesn’t agree to do that, I suggest you go elsewhere. 




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Hi Patti, It's required by law that a physician release your medical records to you when you request them.  You may want to write and request your previous tests.  I'd specifically request all records including audiogram, LDL tests and any other tests you had. 

~ Better days are ahead! ~
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