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Hi [smile]
I'm new on this forum, to start I have a question for Dutch people on here. I've been reading on hyperacusis, and I'm pretty sure this is what I have. I was wondering whether there are any support groups around. Actual therapy seems very expensive as health insurance doesn't seem to pay. I'm just a student... 

I'm so glad I've found a name for my symptoms, people seem to think I'm whiny but it's a real thing!
Hope to meet some people,

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Hi Mareke,

I am not Dutch but I wanted to welcome you to the site.  There is a lot of good information on the Hyperacusis (H) Network web site and I encourage you to do your research and get as much information as possible about H.  Unfortunately the general public with normal hearing does not understand how sound sensitivity to ever day sounds can cause you pain or discomfort.  You will also find that most people in the medical field do not know about or how to treat H. I do hope that you can get support, understanding and encouragement from your family and close friends.  There are some less expensive treatments for H like the H Network Pink Noise CD with instructions. The Pink Noise CD has helped people recover. There is information on how to buy CD on the Home page.  The most effective way to treat H is with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) through a certified audiologist with counseling using ear level noise generators, but as you note it is expensive.  There are a lot of good people on the site that can offer you support and guidance. I wish you luck in finding a support group in your country.  


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Hi Marieke,

How have you been doing, did you feel like you had any help from doctors and such the last months?

I'm not Dutch myself but live in the Netherlands. 
A week ago my H and T got worse, most likely from having a really difficult year with stress and anxiety bordering to a somewhat paranoid personality disorder which resulted in a burnout a month ago, my T got worse but managed to overcome it pretty quickly. Though last week at a loud restaurant I had a pretty bad setback with my H, which im dealing with now. I haven't had this bad H for over 10 years and at that time no one told me about TRT, it was just the regular 'it will pass, use earplugs if you feel uncomfortable' et cetera. 
I'm struggling a bit with the health care system here and im trying to find TRT specialists, how to get sounds generators, or someone who can help me with this treatment. 
Good thing is I feel like im a completely new person after this accident, and been reaching out to people and friends, and dealing with old traumas which probably caused me to be this oversensitive from the beginning.


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Hi Marieke and krg

I have no knowledge or words to help you at this point. But I am hearing you, and wishing you well. I hope you find the help you need.  Sometimes I am just as dumbfounded as you.

Best of luck to you. We all need it. I've come to believe it is a necessary variable for the road we are on. I hope this episode is not too long lasting.



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Thanks for your kind words Cheryl!

I'm really struggling now even though my H in a way is not THAT bad, I don't feel too much pain or discomfort walking in the street with cars or buses or sounds/noises in general on a low/normal level. Showering is not a problem for me at all, or doing the dishes, et cetera. So, this is definitely a severe case of my mind triggering extreme anxiety and worry, especially when my ears feels strange or when there's a change in my T.
For example, today I tried to use pink noise on really low level with headphones while being outside and that was probably a bad idea to rush it that quickly as my ears was really tired and annoyed afterwards. I had a panic attack and didn't know what to do with myself, even though I've read all about TRT. Changing how to think is so difficult. 

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