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I also have hyperacusis and tinitus although i must admit my noise generators truly are a god send!!
I struggle alot with the problem although i always hold out hope that oneday it could go away......has anyone ever recovered from either tinitus of hyperacusis?
Thanks for your time in reading this.

" always remember whatever problem you will soon pass"

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Hi Jano,

Welcome to the message board. 

I know this board can be confusing to newcomers, but FYI - the subject of your thread is more suitable for the other board, sometimes referred to as the "main board" or the "serious board."  The Friendly Chat board was meant for topics other than hyperacusis (unless they're outrageous discussions that reference hyperacusis but should not be taken seriously, like "A Word From The World's First Hyperacusic Cow"). 

However, since you've posted over here, I'll respond to you here.  With regards to your question:

...has anyone ever recovered from either tinitus of hyperacusis?

With tinnitus, people don't usually "recover" but they can learn to "habituate" their tinnitus -- i.e., learn to tune it out.

As for hyperacusis, there are many success stories scattered throughout the main board, but I don't know how to tell you to find them, so why not start on the home page of this website.  Click on the link below and then on "Success Stories."

Best wishes,
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