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Hello guys, it's been a while!

I had 8 months of major hyperacusis symptoms in 2011. I am a musician. After a gig and concert, I realized something was wrong. Every sound would hurt. Even my fingers on the keyboard would annoy me. I also had tilting muscle in the inner ear (sometimes many times a second) and pain (ear pain, stuffed ears, headaches).

This was a really hard 8 months, with many setbacks. The more I was isolating myself, the worst it was. I started to challenge my ears slowly, wearing earplugs only when it was necessary (to prevent further damage). The sound of water also helped me build tolerance.

Since then, I had 2 wonderful daughters! I have been able to endure their tears and loud voices all this time! 😉 Of course I had a few moments during that time that reminded me of my condition, but nothing serious. Still bring my earplugs with me all the time.

Last week end, I listened to drum tracks on my computer, and got my first setback in almost a decade. A reminder that this thing is uncurable! I was taken a bit by surprise by it to be honest, because it wasn't loud. But something in the compression of the sound (frequencies) just got to my ears quite fast! Got stuffed ears, aversion to sound and a bit of pain since saturday.

This made me take a look back at everything and at what we are now. Research really evolved in my opinion. I remember in 2011 there was nothing going on. Now scientists just found out 2 new type of nerve cells, there is a clinical trial to repair damaged cells in the ear, and my city ear clinic now has a section on hyperacusis (at least they now recognized it's real!!!).

Things will get better in the future for us, I truly believe that.

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