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Today is my first day of TRT for H & T and I wanted to provide an update and the gear that was selected for me.
I have a behind the ear noise generator/hearing aid. There was an option for a molded in the ear unit, but it is more difficult to hear conversation with the noise generator. Needless to say, I do not use the hearing aid amplification function. The units are made by Widnex model: Behind the ear Dream 330 Fusion. The units were expensive at $4,000 for both ears plus fitting and counseling fees and none of this is covered by my health insurance.  Widnex provides a 30 day trail period if I do not like the units, I can get a full fund.

I listened to two versions of chime like tones and selected the one that I liked best, and I listened to two versions of broadband noise and selected the version of my choice.  The unit is programed for one chime like tone and one broadband noise. I have a remote control that I can select the sound of choice. On the remote there is also a volume control that can control each ear separately as I have one ear more sensitive than the other.  I selected to go with a unit color that matches my hair.  It is very difficult for someone to notice that I am wearing the units. The fitting and training appointment took about an hour and a half.

There was some manual ear wax removal by the audiologist before being fitted with the units as I did have some wax build up.

I also understand the hearing units can connect to my cell phone so I can have the phone conversation using both ears.  I still have to figure out this function.

I was told by my audiologist to get comfortable this week with the remote and taking off/on the hearing units and to play the sound of my choice a low comfortable level that would not impact conversation. He wanted me to at least ware the units a couple of hours each day. I go back next week for some counseling and testing.  

The first impression of the units has been very good as I notice it has taken the edge off of hi-frequency isolated sounds.

My heart goes out to anyone with H who would like to go down this path but is out of work or can not afford this option. 


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That's great news Phacker! Wishing you the best with this therapy!

I have to wait (docs) (and save) for TRT, but plan to get there eventually-hopefully soon!

Keep us posted!
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