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This story comes to the network from Peru (another country with no clinician trained to treat hyperacusis patients).  Sentence structure and spelling are well done considering the fact that English is not the primary language in Peru.


Last year, following several unexpected exposures to high sounds, my situations worsen considerably in a period of ten months (until now) and it is now a severe condition. On November 6th 1996 my complete isolation at home begun with a severe case of hyperacusis, which is getting worse every day.


While I remain hopeful of finding someday a specialist that may be able to help me, I must overcome the elevated level of buzzing in my ears, that sounds like a whistle, an engine, an electric generator, the horn of a automobile, the sound of bells, white noise, etc.


In general, two or three of these sounds appear simultaneously, some of then are constant, while others appear on and off. Lately, I’ve been feeling a sort of heartbeat that accompanies the buzzing in my left ear, and when I turn my head slightly towards my shoulders, all that sensation, including the buzzing, increase considerably.


The sensitivity to noise and sounds in general remains at a high level, reason for which I attempt to protect myself using foam earplugs.


My sensitivity to sounds prevents me from listening to music; watch TV, nor even using the computer, which produces a sound that is hurtful when the computer fan goes on. I can’t use microwave nor even have a conversation.


When I’m exposed to these sounds the buzzing increase so much that it is painful. I have an acute sensitivity to noises such as the colliding of dishes, automobile horns, dogs barking, children yelling, adults talking, etc.


I feel a strong resonance (sounds like a cricket scream) in both ears. This happens when I chew foods that are hard or crunchy, but especially when I swallow food, liquids or saliva, when I talk, when people talk to me. When I cough or when I yawn.


This all started during the time that I was taking PREDNISONA (CORTICOIDS) that a doctor prescribed to me thinking that my problem was in the Eustachian Tubes.


The sensibility is extremely acute in the outer ears and the surrounding areas this is why shaving, washing my hair, and cleaning my ears becomes particularly difficult.


The noise produce by the shower is also unbearable, so I’ve had resort to using a bucket of water and sponge.


I use foam earplugs throughout the day because in the house that I live in (third floor) where there constant noises coming from the floors bellow and from the street. I keep this protection while I sleep, because there’s constant noise from cars, ambulances, police, etc. Even when using ear protection the noise gets through causing pain, and I find myself constantly running away from sounds.


Reading your articles in your websites I realized that if I continue to ever protect my ears, my condition will worsen. For that reason I’m trying to use now foam earplug of less size and pressure during the day. Recently I’ve insulated the interior walls, floors and ceiling round my bedroom, in order to stop using earplug during the night, little by little.


During the time I was studying at Berkley College of Music in Boston USA (summer term-1992). I visited a Peruvian people (a dentist) who had a home recording studio. While I was there using the headphones, the people who was handling the sound equipment, made a mistake and suddenly a feedback (acute extremely loud noise) was transmitted the headphones.


A few days later, a buzzing sound appeared in my left ear, the right ear followed soon after wards.


Likewise my sensibility to sounds begun to appear and eventually spread to ambient noise, especially those from the street.


In that time I attended the Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary, and the medical diagnosis was Hyperacusis. The advice was to use ear protection.


Last year, on October 17th. I that time the audiometric test I did was: tone and speech audiometric test logo-audiometric, kettledrum test, and acoustic reflexes. Results to all these tests are normal, and in many case above average. Any of them shows hearing loss.


One doctor requested the "evoked potential" test, but I have not done that, because the minimum sound level to do this is 50 db, which is too high for me.


I’ve seen many doctors and received different treatments without any success. Any of the specialists didn’t know exactly how to help me.


Some of them didn’t know anything about Hyperacusis.  Up to now, five doctors, including otolaryngologist and neurologist, have seen me.


They have prescribed medicines such as PREDNISONA (CORTICOIDS) and MICROSER, and DESEDEMA (to constrict the nerve), TRENTAL (PENTOXIFILINA) and TRIVOTRIL (CLOMAZEPAN). However, none of these have has proven effective, except RIVOTRIL, which allows me to sleep, I continued its use during the evening (1/2 a pill each night).


According to one of these doctors my hearing problem it’s not functional, instead it must be related to a problem within the inner ear (perhaps the cochlea) as a result of the acoustical trauma.


I’ve also been advised to under to magnetic resonance as well as ultrasound therapy, both things I have not yet done.


In Peru, I think, no one knows about my problem, even the most renowned doctors.


My family and some friends are helping me and supporting me in the many ways.


The main problem in the unexpected loud coming from the street and the floors where my brothers live.


For that reason my family and I are trying to take care of some details. My brothers who live in the 1st and 2nd floors are listening music in a low level. They are also telling me when they are going to use noisy machines. This allows me to protect my ears some minutes after the start.


A second problem is the sounds produced inside my house (3rd floor).


I’m using now, plastic dishes. I’ve put also heavy felt cushions on the kitchen cabinet doors and on some chair legs.


Besides I’ve deactivated the beep on my microwave oven.


My washing machine is now place in the flat roof where is located the laundry area.


My bedroom has now also its walls, floor and ceiling, a little bit insulated. I hope this will allows me to sleep without using earplug.


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I speak spanish, is there a way to communicate with this guy?


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Send your email address as a private message to me through this message board or

"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"

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Dan you could mention to him, that I found the Quena (in G) very relaxing and able to listen too.


The Quena is the Peruvian Flute. 


I read one story about a father who brought his son a drumset, and after that he attached the styrofoam parts of the egg containers to the walls and the ceiling, and since doing that nobody in the house ever hears the drums being played anymore.



And tell him the machine that plays soft noises like birdsongs, ponds, waterfall, really help.

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