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Hello! I'm new here and have plenty of questions, but one at a time:

When someone is speaking with a microphone, and other times when someone is singing (with or without a mic), I hear, in addition to the general tinnitus, a sound as if from behind my right ear -- like another voice, but unclear, distorted, higher-pitched. My right ear also seems to have suffered some hearing loss, but my ENT appointment is not until next week.

So, any ideas? Any suggestions for questions for the doctor? (I've also had a couple of attacks of vertigo with vomiting, and my ears are "full".)

Thank you so much!

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That's just tinnitus.  I hear a whistling like that very "close" to my ear on top of certain broadband noise like the wind or traffic in the distance.  

Tinnitus can do all kinds of weird things.  
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