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A few weeks back i posted a topic about when you first got H.  Most everyone had sound trauma. 
Me too as well.

I'm wondering if it goes back further.

I've had two concussions that I know of as well as other head traumas.  I abused and misused my body very badly in my twenties thinkning I was bulletproof in sports.

I also blew out 90% of my left eardrum 30 years ago.  They did not think it would grow back.  But it did in 9 months time.  This is also the ear most sensitive of the 2.  
Lake water also got past the eardrum and the dummy ER doc did not give me antibiotics.  Thus I did not get treatment until I had an infection.

Lots of underlying factors - maybe?

Anyone else ?

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Any sort of head trauma could cause permanent nerve damage, with varying degrees of severity. 

Almost everyone damages some brain cells throughout their life.

It is possible that, unluckily, your head traumas damaged your auditory portion. Maybe because your body was more susceptible to it. The force/angle/exterior object of the trauma may have something to do with it. There are just too many variables to pin point what caused the "FINAL" trigger. 

My advice would be not to bother thinking about it, because what is done is done. 

I find myself beating myself up about how careless I was with my ears. 
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