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Okay... So I've been contemplating getting the Ear Popper and saw my ENT yesterday. It seems my ears have positive pressure, so the Popper would be useless. However, that seems to be the problem. Whenever I do up or down a slope, there's too much pressure and I can't open my tubes to let it out. If I fly, my ear drums rupture.

Therefore, my problem is that I'm unable to open my eustachion tubes quick enough to restore balance in my middle ear when ascending or descending. However, there's always positive pressure in my middle ear. This could be why my ears feel full most of the time. Also, I'm aware that I have middle ear problems.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is it considered ETD?

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Sorry, I do not know what an ear popper is.  Please educate me.

I can tell that by driving up a slope with say as little as 75-100 ft vertical drop, I can feel the pressure change in my ears.  Of course anyone that is with me does not believe it.   
I also feel the pressure changes when riding an elevator, even just one or two floors.

While I do not fly anymore, I used to always carry gum, walk on with bottled water and would try to have a coulple of big soft chewy pretzels. 
As soon as takeoff, I would start on those pretzels. If they did not work, I would do "force yawns'.

It was always tough flying.
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