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Hello  I have only posted a few times in the past year, my baby of 9 months is keeping be busy!!  (And her musical toys are making my ears worse!!)  But I have been following the forum...

I have an appointment to see an ENT Saturday morning, and I am already apprehensive:  I would like to get recognized as partially handicapped, so I need his help.  Last summer I went to Paris to get all kinds of tests done in a so-called hyperacusis-tinnitus specialized clinic, but I was so disappointed and the LDL tests they did hurt my ears and they did not do them correctly (the person told me to raise my hand when the sound became unbearable... well I did that and she kept on going!!! having increased the sound very quickly!!! What kind of precision is that????).  The ENT I saw that day just sent me for TRT in my area, but turns out the audiologist doesn't rent the generators, and he doesn't do follow up.  

Anyway, I have a question:  besides determining LDL's, are there any other tests to determine if one has hyperacusis?  tympanogram?  ear canal volume?  acoustic reflexes?  

Do you have any advice for me to make this appointment a successful one?  Not one after which I am crying and extremely p***ed off????

I want to be prepared for this one!!!  The other ENT's I have seen in France have REALLY erked me!!!

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Write down your questions beforehand and consult your notes during the appointment, or at the end of necessary.  Ask about inner ear and Eustachean tube muscle function, if you have any ear pain that the physician can't seem to diagnose.
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