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I have had hyperacusis for many years because of exposure to loud music. My hearing is good and , overall, my dynamic range has not been dramatically reduced; it is mostly sounds from 80 or 90 decibels upwards that sound too loud and/or distorted. However, there is an enhanced occlusion effect that occurs when I plug my ears with my fingers. The low frequency rumbling that is transmitted by the muscles in my hand is amplified considerably (becoming very loud when I clench my fist, shut my eyes tight etc.). The ENT's (in the Netherlands) I have seen could not account for this phenomenon.

I do not have autophony; my voice, breathing etc sound completely normal (whether the ear canal is occluded or not). Neither do I have any of the symptoms associated with TTTS, except for the occasional tympanic flutter. However, the tensor tympani muscle does produce a louder sound upon flexing ever since I have had hyperacusis.

I'm wondering whether anyone with hyperacusis on this board is familiar with this ?



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Hi mate it sounds like the hyperacusis is the main reason for lots of different problems with hearing
dean cosnett
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