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Once a year we take our adult children and grandchildren to a resort in Door County, Wisconsin.  It is a great time [smile] but with lots of noise [no].  One night there was a discontent granddaughter and the one way to resolve the situation was to pull the mattress out of the sleep sofa and put it next to our bed.  I needed to wear some mild ear protection because I was only 5 feet away from a window air conditioner.  I didn't want to use a full earplug in case our granddaughter woke up through the night and needed me. 

Frequently I have mentioned that I commonly cut a foam earplug in half if I need mild ear protection.  It works great in a noisy restaurant setting and the foam plug is comfortable while eating.  By doing this I don't have to roll down an earplug, instead I can just push it in place.  It always worked well except for 'that' night.  For some reason, through the night the half earplug in one ear worked it's way all the way down to the eardrum.  In the morning I could not even touch it with my finger to coax it out.  Now what do I do??? 
I sure didn't want to go to the emergency room [ambulance] to have the earplug taken out [frown].

So, I put drops of water in that ear hoping the foam would expand.  Although I would not recommend this, I took a tweezers and tried to retrieve the earplug - confident that I would not hurt my eardrum since it was fully covered by the earplug.  Praise the Lord [headbang] it worked.

Moral of story: Only use full foam earplugs if you get caught in a noisy bedroom.  Another idea would be to use an earplug like EarPeace ( which has a tab to easily retrieve the earplug.  By the way, EarPeace earplugs work great, and are inexpensive - I would recommend them.  Better yet, I just noticed they are on sale right now.

ear-peace.jpg [wave] Dan

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