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I've had Tinnitus for 5 years now. It's been a big change in my life but I'm So thankful that I have become much more tolerable to every day noises during the last 2 years. Last weekend I got a new soundbar and have been using it as my main sound source and watched a couple movies louder than I usually do so I can get a feel for the new soundbar and I think I sort of tweaked or hurt my ears because my ringing in my ears is for sure louder and my ear sensitivity has came back a little. Does anyone know how long it might be until they go back to my normal again. It's been about 5 days so far. Any tips for me? I'm trying hard to be extra easy on my ears now so that they can heal. I'm thinking they may be sensitive for 2 Weeks or more. What do you think??? Thanks 🙏🏼

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I see you've not had a reply in 5 days, how are you now - try not to stress too much while you heal, doesn't mean you've damaged your ears - I remember years ago when coming out of a nightclub and ears ringing, I do hope they have settled down..
s simpson
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