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Hello, it's been since December of last year that my left ear has been sensitive to sounds. When it started it was only loud sounds and things like cutleries, it gradually went worse and worse and now it's everything.

My left ear does a "whoosh" sound and pops during sounds, sometimes crackling as well. 
I also have a continuous high pitched sound that I notice when there's silence, which I guess could be tinnitus. 
I have seen several specialists since December, an audioprothesist tested me for hyperacusis but said I don't have it. I also did an auditory brainstem response test that came out fine. The other specialists either told me it's just stress, or that it could be hyperacusis but they can't test it, or just tested me for hearing loss, which I don't have. I was only suggested to go see a psychologist, hypnotist and do accupuncture.
My ear acts up if someone talks, if I talk, if I swallow, if I hear literally any sounds, loud or not. I can not do anything or be around anyone anymore because my ear is making life unbearable. I don't remember anything happening that could have caused this.

I have searched online and I don't seem to find anyone having the same problem as mine, hyperacusis seems to be an increase of volume during sounds? Not something like I have (whooshing/popping during sounds).
I wonder if anyone knows what this could be? What kind of tests do I need to do or is there really nothing I can do?

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