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Hi there, this is just a story about the risks involved with the now common Ear Hygiene Clinics that offer the ear suctioning procedure technically called vacuum otomicrotoilet. I think now its a very apt name because for me it stuffed up my ears and you could say that my hearing has gone down the toilet.
I was referred to a local clinic near where I live, by my doctor who I had gone to see about itchy ears. He had a good look and said that both ears had a build up of wax and that would be the cause of my problem.
So  a week or so later found be in a chair getting each ear cleaned out.
To cut a long story short I found the procedure so loud and uncomfortable that afterwards my eyes were watery. I've since found out that the induced noise level is greater than 140db which makes rock concerts look like mood music. The procedure in my case was ( I've found out) done so roughly that my right ear drum was perforated...I was given ear drops by the clinic which simply went into my ear canal and ended up in my throat.
I paid the bill and staggered out to my car and sat there for a while because I was unsteady on my feet..and while sitting there I noticed that every day noises now were different. Cars and truck noise was broken up /chopped up and I related it to the same effect one hears if the voice cone of a speaker is buggered and it breaks up the sound. The car radio sounded the same as did my own car engine...even listening to my own voice was broken up and still is.
Feeling rather distressed about this development I went back to the clinic who pretended that they had not done anything wrong. I then got myself off to an audiology clinic who told me quickly that I had stuff all hearing above a single tone response. The perforated but now healed ear membrane has the worst drop off at 2Khz and I am now described as moderately seriously deaf with asymmetrical ears. So the procedure now 3+ months ago has left me quite deaf, and suffering from a form of Hyperacusis which covers the distortion I hear on radio TV cellphone female voices etc plus the additional effect where if my ears hear a loud sharp noise my brain can't seem to cope and I almost go into shock. 
I have been lucky to have seen an honest ENT specialist surgeon and also an independant backup reviewer of my case..and I now know sadly that I am not the first person to have their good ears stuffed by this doesn't usually happen and supposedly is quite rare? but who knows?
However there is a lesson in all of this apart from my warning that the procedure can ruin your hearing( for good I am told by the ENT expert) and that is: If you have even a mild onset of Tinnitus do not go near a vacuum ear cleaning clinic. According to the British Tinnitus society Tinnitus now indicates that the special nerve hairs in the cochlear are damaged in some sense..there are some interesting micro photography examples on the internet now showing how they should look and how they look when someone's cochlear nerve hairs have been damaged. The rub of all of this is that with an already damaged cochlear from past events in your life, there is a huge risk that 140+db of ear suctioning noise is going to seriously further damage your hearing. That is exactly what happened to me.

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