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I read this articule in the newspaper and for this person..
This is the way this person is dealing with what has happened to him
in his life...

With his illness.. His personally growth..
And it's O.K. for him to do so...
This is where he's at right now..
What helps him carry on through it all..
People go through such hard tragedys and trials in life..

But for this person..
As in his words..
This is what has been helpfull for him..
And thats O.K... ((( Smiles )))

Take Care


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" Don't Be Sad ".........

John " chevy " Shevenell took life to it's extremes playing hard and partying harder.

Then came his bout with melanoma-- and with it a completely different perspective..

He refocused on family and friends and he found God..
Now, as cancer ravenges his body and his time grows shorter..
Shevenell says he is ready to go,".
I've had a really good life. "

Opp.. Times up for me.. ((( Smiles )))
Will finnish this articule later..
But for him..
He has found his way out and meaning in life..
If it helps him through it..
As I believe it will..
No matter how hard life can be at this time..
It's a positive expirence.. 
It's good for him and spirtually healing for him as well..
I admire his strength and courage and conviction through it all..
It's a heart touching story in the news..
A true one as well....

Take Care

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