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Hello my name is April.  I am so glad to have found this network. I have been living with tinnitus and hyper acoustics since January.  I have seen several doctors for my problem, none of which have ever mentioned hyperacusis, in fact they have all acted like the symptoms I am having are not possible, and are just some kind of an anxiety brought on from my feelings about my tinnitus. Thankfully I have now, thanks to this network, located a doctors office in my area that knows exactly what I am talking. I have not seen that Doctor yet, but his receptionist was able to identify my symptoms as hyperacusis.   I have a few questions that I hope someone out they may be able to answer: I personally can not handle any sounds through most speakers like on TVs or radios.  I can however handle the phone.  Has anyone found a solution to this, like a different type of speaker or a hearing aid that helps?  I also am not sure if flying will make this condition worse, has anyone tried flying.  The other thing that I was wondering is with summer coming can anyone recommend a good quite air conditioner?   I would like to add that adjusting to this has been one of the hardest challenges of my life, and I want to just encourage all the other people out there who are living with this to not let this destroy their life.  I have spent a lot of time brain storming on things that I am still able to do, and there is a lot.  At times I thought I could not make it like this, but now I know I can and I have a lot of people who still love and care about me.  So basically what I am saying is…once again don’t let this problem beat you, you will eventually adjust.  I wish you all the best.  I hope that perhaps someone may have some answers.  Take care and God bless, April

April Lambert

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Blessings April !
     There is an an apparatus, "ZEM  by SENSGARD", that helps, most definitely with the sounds of speakers. Also with the sounds of childrens' high pitched voices.  Also there is a hearing aid device from Micro Tech that actually REDUCES sound rather than increasing it.  I do not have this hearing aid, but some on the network do, perhaps they will reply to your question.
      Our Editor, Dan Malcore has the means of contacting these indivduals for their products.  You may wish to contact him or perhaps another member of the network will reply to this question. 
      Welcome Aboard April.  You will find many sympathetic individuals who are 'walking in your shoes', and can encourage you to 'hang in there'.  There is so much noise pollution in this world of ours.  God bless, Abishag <>< 
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