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I was at a loud bar a couple weeks ago and since then have been dealing with ear pain -- burning, ache, with some referring facial pain and dizziness.  No tinnitus, and I am not sure I am really hearing things "louder" -- I just have pain that fluctuates throughout the day.  I have an appointment with the Jastreboff clinic later this week.  

I was wondering - what are the differences between the TRT options that are out there?  I know Jastreboff started this all but I don't know at this point if I should go with him or another one of the centers that offers this kind of thing.  Are the devices different?  


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There are different ways to do sound therapy.

Some involve wearable sound generators that produce white or pink noise contintously.  I have found these helpful.  They let you do therapy all day long, as you wear them.  They are expensive though.

You can also do sound therapy with a cd player or mp3 player playing pink noise or possibly music.  The volume can be slowly increased over time.

You can mix and match different methods.

I combine the sound generators with slowly increasing pink noise.

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Mind sharing how the appointment went?
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