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As we know from most the information on the network, 'overprotection' is discouraged for people trying to use sound therapy to increase their sound tolerance.


I am just wondering however what all counts as 'overprotection'?


Is 'over protection' the actual physical act of using things such as earplugs or earphones, or does it also extend tofor instance living in a place quiet?


And for those of you out there with hypercusis-do you actually find that it aids/ is necessary to have periods of quiet or 'overprotection' on your path towards trying to rebuild your sound tolerance?




alissa byers

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Yes, you have it right, the reason why overprotection is do deadline is that first, we try in vain to get a quiet place and it makes us worse, second, what you are doing with some type of sound enrichment is turn up the gain and enrich your world with some type of sound to train/retrain the brain/ear connection. A very short sentence to explain what really is a very complex procedure.

It's the goal of TRT and anything else that we do for our ears. Studies have shown that those put in solitary environments, if there is such a thing for the Hyperacustic (!), actually do become more sensitive.

For me, in TRT, for example, I have sound enrichment 24/7, in varying degrees and from various sources. I also wear in-ear generators.

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