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My daughter is 10 yrs old. She had her adenoids and tonsils out in March 2015. Surgery went great, recovery was very difficult. 3 of my 7 kids already have had this so I was prepared. But this time was different. She was having major ear pain. She always said it felt like a electrical shock whenever she tried to talk, open her mouth, etc. It was awful. So she quit trying to talk, eat, move her mouth, face etc. she lost 16 lbs in process (was only 66 lbs to begin with. She is talk and lean). Doc kept telling us this was normal and the bundle of nerves hear the ear was trying to reignite themselves, come back to life. I was either on phone or in his office several days when it just wouldn't get better. He did nothing.
Ever since then my daughter has had an extreme sensitivity to hearing. It's not everything but an example is my son has allergies and if he sniffles or clears his throat it sends her over the edge. I was picking at my cuticle that had a piece of dead skin the other day and she couldn't handle the sound. I couldn't even hear the sound and wondered "Is she really hearing something or is this just something she's watching?" If my son clears his throat, sniffles and we are in other end of house with door closed she can hear it. I'm at my wits end because it seems to set her off? What is going on and why suddenly after the surgery? I'm pretty sure there is something else going on or why would this pop up after her surgery. It's affecting my household every day. Advice please! Thank you

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Hi MissyB,

I'm so sorry to hear about what your daughter is going through. Is the pain and electrical shock sensation still there or has that part passed? 

Looking at the second paragraph alone, misophonia seems possible and you may want to research that more deeply. I'm not very familiar with true misophonia and do not know if it can be triggered by things such as surgery or the pain and discomfort she felt after surgery but it tends to start at a young age as far as I know. With misophonia, sounds such as sniffling or chewing can trigger a strong, negative emotional reaction even when they are very quiet. 


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I am sorry you all are going through this.

Yes, look into misophonia.  It tends to be triggered by certain sounds.

Is she upset by all loud noises, or just a few types of noises?

It sounds like a visit to an audiologist who deals with hyperacuisis / misophonia may be in order.

If you do an LDL test, make sure the doc does it SLOWLY and the test stops immediately when she becomes bothered by the noise.


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i think this is nerve damage.  It sounds a lot like what I went through, and still go through most days though to a lesser extent now. 
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