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We've just launched a website that promises to be Big Pharma's worst
nightmare. It's called, and it's a public,
open-access website where people can post their horror stories about
dangerous drugs, hospitals, surgical procedures or anything else
related to conventional medicine.

The site is intended to shed light on issues that the drug companies,
hospitals and the FDA would rather sweep under the rug. After all, the
reporting of dangerous drug side effects observed in patients isn't
even mandatory: It's VOLUNTARY!

But now, you can share your true stories about the horrors of
conventional medicine by posting them on this new site:
Tone Generators, Putting your health in your hands, etc....

The rest is off topic:

My Sound Torture:
Sick of that whirr-whirr-whirr-tick-whirr-whirr-whirr sound?  Are you hearing the sounds of gas plasma?  You might have tiny, "string of pearl" plasmoids carried on a swirling, EM beam going into your ears.

Microwaving Iraq:
MK-Ultra, The CIA and Radiation.
The Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. They may deny it to your face but, they've already admitted it to the Congress of the United States.
Courtesy of PinkNoise

In 1956, General Electric received a patent that would cloak a plane from radar by surrounding it with an ionized cloud.  The cloud could be generated and released from the wings or the body.  It used a particle accelerator and a kylostron.  It would attenuate the radar signals bounced off of the planes thereby removing their radar signatures from ground station screens.  This line of research continued until today aerial vehicles are cloaked with magnetized plasmas.

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!

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Hi Leah, ((( Smiles )))


I think there should be a site where people can compare and talk about what happened to them from talking a medication..


I bet they never reported what happened to me years ago from takeing that Paxil. It did effect my hearing and I never thought anything about it as that symptom went away for me till I came here.


And heared from others and then I thought about that expirence which meant nothing to me back then except I wanted off that paxil right away and I only took it about 6 days . 


And then.. I took an antibiotic for 3 days a couple of years later and that messed my ears up too as thats when the thudding started.


And then it makes you wonder.. How many people had problems  with a medication that might have messed up their auditory system or brain or nerves in the first place.. that we never hear about..


And then I wonder about the first cause.. That may have caused my ears to be weak in the first place and set my ears up for this disorder.


Like a stack of cards..  And how many people who take a medication and don't get the effects right away like I did but it still changes something inside that they just don't know about yet..


Just everything that may weaken your ears and make them more vunerable to noise trauma's over time..


I bet there are alot of people with stories like mine and others that never make it on a form... Or the Ten O Clock news... Ha ! 


We just don't know about each other yet... Thats all...


But we should..............................   


Take Care

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