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Hello Guys,

The short version: What options are there in "curing" TTTS?

The long version Longer: 
I am 90% sure I have TTTS.
When I experience noise levels above 50 dB, my ears (primarily the right) starts to rumble.
The left ear only takes high pitch noices at above 70 dB.

But since I am a young father, this is Highly annoying, and makes it Really hard to help with my child [frown].

I have had it for 2 years now, and tried a lot of different things.
Different doctors have said;

  • "Get use to it"
  • "Its stress related! - Relax" (no effect)
  • "Its sinus related - here is some medication" (No effect).
  • "Lets watch and see how it goes".
Bonus: I have had a cold for a few days now, and yesterday untill this morning, I did not experience any "clicks"/rumbelling, when my eustatic tube became blocked. 
But I had my eustatic and jaw MR scanned, and they told me there were nothing that looked "wrong".

So, Currently i am doing cognitive terapy and TRT treatment with noice generators.
I have T on both ears, mostly on the left, but no real H.

Look forward to hearing your answers [smile]


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Bump.  I too have young children and this problem.  I am not currently in any kind of TRT therapy (my ear problems have been going on for less than two months and I'm new to the whole thing yet), but I do spend a considerable amount of time each day listening to my own cobbled-together sound therapy.  Is this helpful with TTTS only when it is related to hyperacusis?  Still not sure if I even have that...


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I have TTTS and was wondering if it is TMJ or neck scalene muscle related.   I'm going to see a neuromuscular dentist about this. I heard they can check for this.  I'm going to start doing these scalene muscle stretches every day.

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