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Hi A Quieter Breeze, (((( Smiles ))))

I saw your post and didn't want to change the theme of that thread too much so.. I thought I would post it here... 
I expressed this...

Went to a outdoor concert and saw the Newsboys, was closer then I normally was in the past to it and my eyes do seem alittle bit more sensitive to light brightness today as we were discussing the connection of the ears and eyes the same part of the brain that controls the eyes' sensitivity also controls the ears'.  and was watching a DVD on autism it was a good one..

From this website not on that link though " no sound on the come back jack link " above ...
but noticed the sound of the swing a high pitched metalic screetch that was bothering my ears some though it is a awful pitch to my ears today...
will play it another day and see if it's a different sounding bothersome or just the way it is...
Plus the DVD had a high pitched tweety bird buzz that went away once the DVD stopped playing but it's in my ears now.
The DVD is off now and I still kind of hear it in my ears.. Test out the buzz thing later.
maybe I'm just more sensitive today following the concert..

Take Care


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Hi A Quieter Breeze, (((( Smiles ))))

Didn't go around fireworks this year I watched it on T.V instead.
But did go to see the Newsboys and it was an outdoor concert but alittle different then the ones I've been too before which was more spread out sitting on the lawn.
This was also wide spread out but more like bleachers sitting though a big  wide area going on up and there was standing room like a pathway way in back.
I did not bring ear plugs just brought my fingers and with fingers you can control the voume better then with earplugs make adjustments but didn't use my fingers in my ears all the time it depended on how loud the song was and how much I could handle until I felt like it was more then I could handle at times then used my fingers in my ears but still could hear it if I wanted too. 
I like fingers better then earplugs haven't used plugs in along time.
But I never though how it must of looked at the time to others to see someone at a concert with fingers in their ears as other people don't know my story and now that I think of it...
It could of looked alittle rude at times but I was still enjoying the music.
I just kind of thought that this concert outdoors would be like the ones in the park where you can sit on the grass where ever you want but this was more like a wide spread out outdoor area but with bleachers instead.
But it went high up with a path in back.
So I found myself useing my fingers alot but even with fingers could adjust it to hear it well.
I enjoyed it tolerated it pretty well though nobody else there was listening to the concert with fingers inside their ears.
One person had a earplug set looking thing but never used it just had it around his neck.
Maybe he had tinnitus or sound sensitivity problems too, don't know.
Just observed him.
But the fingers only were for volume control never to block out the concert music.
It was a good concert they played classic newsboys and their new music and the new singer was pretty good they alread have some new hits out as it is already playing on the music channel select on T.V.. 
But it was louder then I expected so I resorted to the fingers in my ears at the concert.
Who knows what people thought about that or the group themselves.
Hope they didn't notice I didn't plan for that kind of concert area.
Ya.. I will stay in sound but not listen to anything hard to listen to.
as I am alittle sensitive today from it all.
But I'm glad I went it was a really good concert!
I got alittle weepy it was great!               


Hope you had a good weekend, and any and all increased sensitivity you are noticing,  fades away quickly.


P.S. Were you wearing hearing protection for the concert?

Just my fingers in my ears for volume control.
Must have looked kind of strange I guess though.
To see a lady at a concert with her fingers in her ears enjoying the show.
Nobody but me... (((( Smiles ))))

Take Care

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