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Wondering the cheapest nonamplifying sound generator for inear? Such as white noise generator n other sounds. 400 bucks is a little much for a condition that 1 in 5-10 develop.

My kids father perforated my eardrum when he hit me, so 4-5 years later, I developed tinnitus/hyperacusis. For some reason, whenever my ears tear up, water wells up in my ears. I try to keep water out while showering, as it causes severe pain and problems. Whenever putting eardrops in, liquid will come out the other side. Even though its not possiblw to go through my head. I've been told pressure may cause this somehow. The only thing that makes it go away is benzodiazepine drugs like clonazepam, n that's just unrealistic..too toxic n addictive. I had to stop taking it, n someone can't just be on a high dose all the time to remedy the problem, as this causes multiple other problems. It is torture to me that benzos are the only thing that stops it, knowing I do not want to take something that messes so badly w brain chemistry. I have above avg expert hearing I've been told by a few drs, and I have no hearing loss. Except maybe one or two times a year, suddenly the static tinnitus will change into a ringing sound, with blocked, muffled hearing. Only for a few seconds to a minute though. Then it reverts to the static noise with hyperacusis. The ringing and blocked hearing has actually felt welcomed before BC its so much better than the static w hyperacusis. I'd rather have blocked hearing. But I will not have surgery or use dangerous meds where they just get rid of all of the inner workings in my ear(s). I'm told I don't have fluid problems. I'm told I actually have NO earwax. Seems it mightve been a concern that I don't have enough earwax. But I do have some earwax production so,don't know about that. I'm told the perforation in my left eardrum was healed fine. I actually have scar tissue on the other though, BC when I had been stuffing tissue into my ears- due to tinnitus, I had some get stuck in my ear. Went to the er, and he scraped my OTHER eardrum up removing it. Actually had to give me tylenol 3 BC it was so bad. Yeah, I think if he was inexperienced w ears, could've referred me to someone? Also, ive already had ear irrigation done twice, never helped. Anywayz, I'm told I don't have any ear infection, though on very rare occasion, whitish stuff came out of my ears. Only happened like 3 times this past decade that I've had tinnitus. It wasn't a lot, and had earwax, it was after showering. Otherwise it has not happened, and im told i have no visible ear infection. Recently my dr told me i have retracted eardrums though. Which may be bc of my bad neck posture from bone structive problems. I don't blow my nose often BC it makes my ear canals feel like they've been ripped out, but when I do, I feel like endolymphatic fluid and/or mucus is stuck somewhere in front of my ears. I've been prescribed allergy meds, do not help and have unwanted side effects. Natural remedies? I have central vestibular disorder from it as well as migrainous vestibular disorder. I have tmj, and once I was forced to stop chewing a few days. I had eaten some ginger that was too hot n burnt me, so I had to nearly stop chewing. It actually helped me ears, but its nearly impossible to quit chewing altogether. Especially when I'm in a hurry n have to go somewhere, n have to eat. I do sometimes have pulsatile tinnitus. I have neck disc disorders (such as wedging, bilateral foraminal narrowing, multiple levels of bone spur osteophytes, etc). I had 2 mercury amalgams removed that'd been in there for approx 20 yrs or longer, were literally causing me to nearly die. I think they caused nerve problems, in the back of jaw. When I lean fwd, I will get the pulsatile tinnitus. I also have lung disorders and mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation, cardiac murmur. I have practically everything that can be checked on a checklist for causes of tinnitus. I've been exposed to a lot of loud music.

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Boy,] you do have a lot of  problems, do love your handle, maybe we are all interstellar, that is, meant to live on another [quiet ] planet.
don't know about quiet noise machines, but can say, why not put ear plugs in when showering, to keep the water out ?
Also I can use a tranq on a non regular basis without getting addicted or too many side effects. Sometimes we just have to do something for some temporary relief, and to have a break. I never use one more than once a week and seldom even that often.
Hope you find some relief from something..... Donna

Donna Keddie
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