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Hello everybody, long time no speak.

I've had hyperacusis for 1 year and three months now, and though it does irritate me from time to time I have learned to cope with it reasonably well - the NHS has given me white noise generators that I have used for almost six months now and they appear to be working in reducing my noise sensitivity, albeit quite slowly.

Recently I had a panic over a symptom that I am not sure if anybody else here might know of. It used to be that if i was to 'slap' my left ear (out of frustration) whilst listening to music (because of the ringing) then sometimes the pitch of the audio coming in would change and make the music sound off key before returning to normal pitch after a few seconds. I had never told my audiologist about this at first since I felt it was easily avoided; IE, I simply don't hit my ear that way.

But last week when I had my finger in my earhole and flicked it out in a certain way (that makes a sort of 'pop' sound) the audio pitch changed like it did when I'd have hit it, and seemed to last for a little longer than just a few seconds. However, I have found that the same sort of thing happens if I were to flick my right earhole as well in that similar fashion. Furthermore, after about a minute I felt that the music coming in through my ears sounded slower and slightly off key. This got me worried, big time. The effects were not long lasting or permenant, thank goodness.

I spoke to my audiologist several days later and he said that sometimes immediate changes in pressure caused by what I did would most likely be why the audio of the music coming in quickly changed pitch for a short period. He says it is unlikely to do anything permenant, which on the face of it I am thankful for. He also recommended I don't hit or flick my earhole the way I did, which is understandable. Thing is I also seem to think that my mind might also be perceiving the music to be sounding different from what it actually is; especially if I am feeling sceptical, paranoid or uptight about my condition. It is something I find quite difficult to put my finger on.

Thing is, even if I don't have anything to worry about concerning my hearing I still get anxious and uptight about these strange aforementioned things going on in terms of music pitch. If anybody here knows about this, or can offer some advice then I would be very greatful!


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Hi Motofox,

You mentioned -
Thing is I also seem to think that my mind might also be perceiving the music to be sounding different from what it actually is; especially if I am feeling sceptical, paranoid or uptight about my condition. It is something I find quite difficult to put my finger on.

While i don't know  what you may be experiencing - and
I don't know about the music sounding different due to anxiety or stress-
That is not something i notice, or noticed, but some of it sounded really strange.
It did not matter if i was stressed or not as to how it sounded...
(and other selections sounded and sound very beautiful)

When i first started listening to music again - after a very long time of not being able to do so -
(in part because i was extremely sensitive to percussion and also bass)
some things i tried to listen to sounded different than what i remembered , and not good at all. They sounded strange   to my ears ... ( I've heard some others mention something similar as well)
(and if i put something on to listen to and it did not sound good to me, i would take it off the cd player or change the station on the radio, and try something else)

Aside from that and a much more challenging situation  with music i did try to listen to,
Some (many)selections and artists were too difficult for me to tolerate, even though i thought they would be easy on my hearing/ears -
but other selections were much more tolerable. It was not because of what you mention though -
it was because of other aspects of the music - the frequency ranges of vocals and instruments in part ....
I had a more difficult time with some acoustic and folk music  ......- than with some fuller sounding more heavily orchestrated classic rock music.
and with some arists  (Like Simon and Garfunkel and Peter. Paul and Mary) it took  me a long time to be able to listen to anything on the cd's i was trying to listen to ....... (though again i should mention - it was  not because of what you mention -
though other selections sounded strange in the way you talk about)
and i still notice some artists and selections are more difficult than others -
and it can depend on how sensitive my hearing/ears are on any given day to what i can tolerate -
because when  they are more sensitive than they usually are - what i am able to tolerate can change.....

One of the effects i noticed, when starting to listen to music again - was being able to hear more nuances in the music, than i ever noticed before -- even though when beginning to listen again - i started off on a very low (barely audible volume)
and with some selections,  I noticed some things i had never noticed before.

And aside from some things sounding different, in a way that was not good -
I also noticed how incredibly beautiful other selections sounded to my ears, as i was listening in a way i never had  before  -----and  to have it sound that beautiful -
after not being able to listen to music for so long -- was (and is ) a true blessing. 

I'm incredibly grateful  to be able to listen to music again, and it's something i don't take for granted ....
it's something that is special to me.

These challenges can have a way of making us appreciate what others take for granted - and seeing some things in life, as the gifts they truly are, can sometimes make us appreciate them even more.

I listen to music in ways i never have before, and to be able to do so - is wonderful.

P.S. At this point i am able to listen to many artists and selections i thought at one time, i would never be able to listen to - ever again. The latest was something by Bob Seger .....
an old tune......
I heard it played on the radio, and was amazed i could listen to it......
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