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Hi All:

I have severe Hyperacusis (conversation at normal volume causes pain) and moderate tinnitus, and have trouble talking on the cell phone.  I alternate between using the speaker on the cell (in my case an i phone 5) and using the phone conventionally, but holding it a bit away from my ear.  When using the speaker, I reduce it to the lowest volume possible setting, but it still is too loud for me (in that the sounds causes pain). The next lower volume setting is ZERO volume, which causes no pain and works perfectly, other than the fact that I can't hear anything (a little H humor there)!  I am sure it is the high frequency more than the volume that is causing the pain as even watching tv at a super low volume can cause discomfort as well as increase my tinnitus.

Can anyone recommend a cell phone that has a speaker that can be turned down on a continuous basis (rather than having preset intervals), so that it I can turn it down low enough for me to hear, but not cause pain?

Or, an application that can reduce the high frequency of the sound?

Note that I have trouble using any sort of headphones/headset with the phone as any sound so close to my ear hurts.

I am going to try the landline phone technique suggested on the Network, but it would be great if I could use the cell phone pain free as well. 

Thanks for any suggestions.


Ken Devore

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Ken -

Here is something that worked for me.  Place a small strip of electrical tape over the receiver.  It will remove some of the high-end frequencies that are giving you problems.   

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