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Ever since a very loud concert, (4 years ago) I noticed a fullness feeling in my right ear. I already had tinnitus at this point and at various times throughout the concert my right ear would spasm (origin of H)? That god awful fullness feeling has caused me to compulsively pop my ears as if I'm trying to clear them (focusing on the more full right side) all of the time. I now do it up to 5 times a minute and I can't stop. I can't help but think this is constant popping is contributing to my tmj and hyperacusis due to fatigue of the muscles in my face. When I swallow my ears pop, when i yawn or open my mouth my jaw pops. The struggle is real. Thoughts? Comments? Anybody have a similar issue?

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Interesting Joseph. No doubt your muscles are fatigued and I know what you mean as I have TMJ myself and do have the same annoying thing of constantly making my e tubes pop..years ago I had a severe head cold that wrecked my e tubes..since then my ears crackle all the time and I can make them do it too..ETD I guess and yea, it can become a little ocd..though I never noticed as much until I got the T and H..I think for us TMJers, we kind have it harder cause we also have to address the TMJ to rule out a cause for the ear stuff and sometimes treating TMJ doesn't work!! BUT we have no for the constant popping..hmmm..have to try to stop doing it so are doing it excessively and by now you realize it doesn't work anyways....if you can't stop, maybe consider an antidepressant, as it is kind of ocd in nature..but then again, if you could treat the TMJ and H, thus relieving the constant fullness, then you would be good! [smile]

Ears are incredibly disturbing when they go awry..the severe tmj pain I get is a walk in the park to this! 
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