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Do the above fit into any explanation? I have ADD (inattentive type)  Does this explain it partly. My situation is more bothersome this hot summer and the need for ACs and fans in my home. Also. this is a recurrent problem if my wife and I stay in a hotel/motel: Guess what? She is sensitive to heat and needs air flow.
As I write this, there is classical music playing on a radio in another room- can't shut it out -hard to focus.
I am age 77 and this has been happening for many years.
Any perspective on this will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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I have ADHD with mild H, and my son has high-functioning autism with more significant symptoms.

When nighttime comes, the sounds which he has a hard time dealing with most of the time become hard for me to deal with as well. The running refrigerator, laptop cable, etc. - they become loud, even though I know they are not that loud objectively. I feel this is noteworthy - the more tired I am, the less likely I am to NOT be overpowered by sounds. I would not be able to function with a fan at night, and it messes up my attention even when I'm not tired, making me less functional.

Does the equipment used matter? For example, I am okay with some washing machines (unless it's late, of course), others only overpower me on their spin cycle, and some I cannot stand at all. Does the fact that it is an unfamiliar place perhaps contribute? 

Some people actually use AC sounds to help them fall asleep(!). The response to "cover up" sounds varies, some react well to ambient music or pink noise. I find it helps me be more alert and calm. It helps during the day, and with over-stimulation in the evenings, but I do not usually fall asleep with it. I am hoping to learn more about the physiology of why "white noise" is not tolerated by some, yet loved by others, for now I am just sharing my experience.
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