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Hello everyone

Has anyone had a noise setback with aural fullness and burning ears/head and had it get better?

When I first got T & H three months ago,  only a few sounds bothered me.... (tea kettle, cutlery, bacon frying)
About a month ago, I exposed myself to everyday sounds while out and lost some more sound tolerance (running water....) 

Three days ago, I dropped a bowl (hard plastic) on the granite countertop have had aural fullness and burning ears/head most of the time since then.  I now cannot tolerate most sounds.

was told to not overprotect from every day sounds but I feel like I have to protect from all sounds!

What should I be doing?  

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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Yes, it can get better.  

I am the poster boy for setbacks [rolleyes]... and feeling better again [smile]

How are you treating your hyperacusis now?

Basically you should just continue doing TRT / sound therapy.

In my own case, I have found that pain / fear aggravate setbacks very much (don't know if this is the case with you).  When I experience loud noise that I think will make my ears start hurting again, I try and calm down.  A drink or two helps a lot (eliminate anxiety / pain).  Don't know if this would work for you.  My case may be atypical.

A couple of weeks ago I was outside when some jerks let loose with a semi-automatic rifle nearby... I had a bit more sound sensitivity than normal for a few days, but recovered quickly. If anything should have precipitated a major relapse, this would have been it.  Didn't happen though. I do credit the above technique for this.

I have had hyperacusis for a long time though, and I suspect most of my pain is due to only a learned reaction, which may not be what you experience with a newly developed case though.

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