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Hello all,

I'm asking this as I was taking .5mg once or twice a week for anxiety around the time I got an ear infection/hyperacusis. I have mild Tinnitus - is taking this drug risky - can it cause my Tinnitus to get worse?



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Howdy, Chairman-

I don't think it has worsened anything earwise for me, and I've taken this kind of stuff for years.  In fact, years ago, when tinnitus was so bad, I found some improvement with Xanax.  I had to switch over to lorazepam in 2000 due to some problems with Xanax on my nerves.  I didn't notice it worsening on lorazepam.

I do however, wonder about the possibility of the onset of neurological problems like facial and finger twitches, due to prolonged use of any benzodiazepine.  I do have those.

Hope all goes well for you-


John 3:16-17
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