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I was about to buy some Bose noise cancelling headphones then noticed there was a new model available. I was wondering if the newer model offered anything more than the older one for decreased sound tolerance? Id appreciate any advice or comments anyone has. Th

The two Im referring to are

Older model Bose 35 (series 1)

Newer model Bose 35 (series 2)

Thanks a lot


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Hi Supernoodles
I have bose quiet comfort 20, the ear buds that are older
And bose 35 II the head phones.
- when I was doing my research on bose equipment, I saw that the older ear buds 20’s has a much longer battery life.
-I think you have to try them all, I did for a couple of days each.
-I actually need both because my sound tolerance is so low.
-I also use silicone that you can mold yourself sold at a local rite aid pharmacy.
Hope it helps!

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I have the series 2 — love them!

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anyone have any advice on this one: we are having a difficult time finding a home to move to, everything here in CA seems to be near busy streets. I know if you wear earplugs outside it just makes you more sensitive to noise but what about the earphones that people use and maybe put some white noise in there to listen to so it's not silent "noise." Any suggestions on that theory and what products to consider?
Jane Parks-McKay

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I use the Bose HEARphones. Pricey, but full control to each ear. A full month and it's changed my life. It has a phone app control and I have a pink noise app for T. I can let in a little world at a time with these, and work my way up.  I bought a pair and before they arrived my work gave me a pair for Christmas. Spares are still in the sealed box.

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hi . I have the sony noice cancelling headphones,  latest ones WM something or other,  Incredible !  walk down a crowded street and 'no-one is there'.  worth every penny.

tried bose, didn't match up in my opinion, so for what it's worth, my two pennorth.

I never leave home without ear plugs, yellow ones also have made to measure silicon ones also great,

the Sony, for me, a blessing from the Universe.

hope this helps

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Me again. I swear by my Bose HEARphone earbuds, but My most recent audiologist recommended that I not use them exclusively. In-Ear canal buds are best in public, but to try headphones at home to give the canals a rest. So after much research I got the Sennheiser pxc-50 headphones. User friendly app. Very customizeable for frequency tolerances.. Love em, love em

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I have Bose QC35i and my roommate has Bose QC35ii. I notice no difference in the noise canceling properties between the two (and I'm the person who has hyperacusis). 

The main difference between the two is the addition of a Google Assistant / Siri button on the side of the ii model. This button can also be mapped through the app to be used to change the level of noise cancelation per button press (I believe it has 3 levels). 

The Bose QC line is the only headphone I've been able to use for both noise canceling and for listening to music or take phone calls with any level of H comfort. 

As far as their noise canceling abilities, they work WONDERFULLY for those continuous low rumbly sounds. For example, when I put them on, I hardly notice the sound of the dryer tumbling clothes or the dishwasher washing dishes or the washer whirling the clothes. 

However it doesn't help more than passively with the high pitches which tend to be more sudden sounds that the processor in the headphones can't anticipate in time to cancel the sound. This would include plates clanking in the dishwasher, buttons or zippers hitting the inside of the dryer drum, people clinking silverware, or the beeps and alerts that are common to life in a digital world. 

That said, if I use my headphones but also play pink noise through them (several apps available for this), I tolerate the clinking and louder high pitches much better. 

I hope that gives you a realistic expectation for what these headphones can help deliver. I have to use them any time I'm trying to concentrate on my work or writing, and they are a Godsend!

That said, wearing them too often without also giving my ears something to listen to like pink noise or a few tracks of music that I've found tolerable, can make my H worse over time. 

Also, as I noted in another thread, keeping our ears plugged or covered can lead to - and has often in my case done so - fungal infections because our ears are made by nature to be exposed to outside air. Fungus loves dark, damp spaces, which is definitely the conditions inside noise-canceling headphones or ear canals that are plugged up. 

Hope this helps!
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