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How do I listen to music without pain. Just suck it up? Wait for a good a good day??

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Read up on TRT and Pink Noise therapy, it's your best bet to re-establishing your tolerance to sound. I'd say listen to music at volumes you can handle, even if it's very quiet. It will help your ears adjust and hey, quiet enjoyable music is better than loud, painful music right?

If you find things to be only slightly irritating, maybe see how long you can listen to them. I personally found that sometimes it would become less irritating after a while, but that's not always the case. Trust your judgement. And just don't push it. Sometimes your ears need a rest.

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.


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I was remitted the exercise of listening with intention by my doctor, and this worked fine for me as therapy for hyperacusis. Start with sounds on a tolerable level and listen to that sound closely for a while in a quiet room. The goal is to get yourself to 'trust' that sound again, meaning your muscles in your ears won't tense up and cause you pain. I was a ta a level where I had to start with a gentle tapping with my finger against a table, gradually making that sound louder as my tolerance increased. Eventually I moved on to listening to very quiet music, then making it louder and louder. 

This is a very active exercise. Don't just make the sound and start thinking about anything else - LISTEN to it. Once you can listen to music again, start at the lowest volume and repeat the exercise with that. You can try and follow certain parts of the song - an instrument, a specific background singer... then switch to the next one. EVentually your ears will 'trust' that song with higher and higher volumes and you will be taking steps toward being able to listen to normal levels of music again. 
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