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I wonder if the gremlins are at it again? Just tried to edit a post and it came up very different - than in the past. NO preview, or spell check - on the new edit feature either.
Very strange - I really liked it the way it was.
Can we have it back? Please.

Does anyone else notice anything different? Are you allowed to edit the way we used to be able to? Or is it just me?

Hope everyone is doing well!
P.S. It did it again i tried to edit this post, it says something like "loading" and pops up with the edit box, with fewer features.
And the box is tiny too. It really needs a preview button.


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Hi A Quieter Breeze, (((( Smiles ))))

Something different about edit.
Let me try it..

See if it works for me.. 
It worked but it is different it says save or cancel.

Thats different.. 
Save and cancel.
Is that it?
I don't see a preview or spellcheck.
Just save and cancel.

Take Care


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Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate knowing it is not just me, or my computer.
(I had posted a long post and wondered if it didn't like that or something?
But I can see that has nothing to do with it )

When editing a post, after it's posted - it now  seems to be coming up in a small "box" inside the thread - in the place of the message that had been posted,
Instead of how it used to appear, more like when one is composing it to begin with..

And yes, the options are "save or cancel" -- the preview which is very handy, even for editing  - is gone, There's no way to really view the full post - to proofread it before re- posting it, while using the "edit" feature. (during an edit)
Also with one I tried, I copied my old post - edited it and pasted it as a "new reply"
deleting my old post after wards - and when i hit the "delete" for the duplicate post -
it looked strange, magically "evaporating " my old post in a somewhat odd way.

Very strange. But thanks for letting me know it's not just me --
I noticed it when i was working on a longer post ( all of a sudden no preview,! And I wondered if I did something different, but no - because i tried it a couple times and it just seems to be that way - though it wasn't before.
But now there is this tiny box to scroll through to try to read everything,
with no easy and convenient way to see how it really looks either.
It was so easy before - and worked so well :-)

I use the edit, And preview feature allot, and hope we get our old way of being able to do that back.

I wonder if this means they will be working on the board this weekend?
As they do that sometimes it seems,  changing things without letting us (or even Dan) know in advance ....

I really hope they will put the edit features, for editing a post - back to the way they were, before it changed yesterday, or at least to something very similar to how it was.
Maybe it is a temporary  change, while it is being worked on?


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They have changed the edit feature - it now has a "go advanced" button - which brings up a more familiar looking "page" to be able to edit from.
Thank You, to whoever did that!

But be careful, they may  still be getting it figured out or working on things  -
I i edited a post, and clicked go advanced somewhere along the line and lost some of what i had just typed.
It may have only displayed what I had previously posted, though i am not sure ,
but i know i had just typed an additional sentence or two...
and that part was missing, in the "go advanced page".

I was able to click my  browser's "back" button and get back to what i had just typed though.....

looks like a work in progress. I'm glad to see a way to get to some more advanced edit features again!

Though  if anyone starts to edit a post in the "window"  that comes up when edit  is clicked
and then decides to  "go advanced" after typing something,
maybe "copying" what you have written would be a good idea?
Because then it could be "pasted" into the new window /  text box for typing,
 if something appears to be missing .....


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It's great to have the expanded options back for editing a post!
But  be cautious and pay attention  if you decide to start to edit a post  in the box that shows up (when clicking on Edit,
and then decide later after typing something - to click "go advanced" in order to get the other features.
I did that again and noticed that something  i had just typed,  did not show up the
advanced edit page. (clicking my  browsers "back"  button did get me back to the precious page with what i had just typed still there though.

Also sometimes when I click edit, when editing a post  - a completely Blank edit  box shows up. Clicking on the "cancel" button at that time, and then clicking EDIT  again,  for the post that needs editing, has brought it up correctly though.
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