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Over the last few weeks I did seem to be making some progress with my hyperacusis. I had been trying hard with the positive thinking techniques from my CBT sessions. However, last Wednesday morning I woke up not able to hear very well in my left ear and there was a slight buzzing sound only really noticeable in a quiet environment. Also I am not getting the cracking sound in that ear when I swallow. The ear feels like it needs to pop but I can’t get that to happen.


Does this sound like a symptom of hyperacusis or is something else going on?


Any advice?


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Yeah, I've experienced that, where your ear feels stuffy and you don't hear so good. This has never been a permanent thing for me. From what I've been told hyperacusis can't cause permanent hearing loss ... but when your ears have been aggravated sometimes, and get feeling kind of stuffy later on, it does seem like it affects hearing.

But, I've been through just about everything in the past 12 years and my hearing hasn't changed in a hearing test.  So no worries IMO.
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