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Kind of a long read..

So in my last post I mentioned how I felt I hit a plateau with my progress, having been doing DIY pink noise therapy since October. In all this time I have been consistently playing with my band, which has been a blessing and a curse. It has been the only driving force behind me wanting to get better, but has also impeded my progress in many ways (as hyperacusis is one of the worst things to happen for an active musician). I started noticing major progress around March of this year but since then it's been bumpy.

I won't repeat what I've said before, but basically the advice I was given from many of you including Rob and Dan was that I should probably take a break [again] in order to fully recover. With that advice in mind and my own personal experiences, I knew that I had to pace myself a lot more than I was, even during the times I wasn't experiencing ear irritation. 

In all the time beforehand, I had only seen an ENT and audiologist, whom of which was of very little help. After contacting some clinics listed on the site, and networking within them to find someone "qualified" near me, I finally saw another audiologist outside of Cleveland Clinic (I'm in Ohio) who I thought might actually take my case seriously. I saw her this past thursday. While she was more observant in my story and struggle, after explaining to her the research that I did and the things I was recommended by so many of you (Pink Noise primarily), she concluded that, once again, she stated that there wasn't evidence that TRT was helpful in treating hyperacusis. She said she believed it would go away with time. I asked if she had patients with this condition and how they did. She said some of them recovered them with time. However, whether that is being able to handle everyday sounds or being able to handle a range of loud sounds and frequencies was not clear. I was instructed to simply always wear earplugs around these noises. I even asked about getting a Loudness Discomfort Test, in which she replied it was pointless and wouldn't change only relevant for those applying for hearing aids. I left not surprised but nonetheless somewhat discouraged. 

What I don't get is, I know if I were to just stop playing music today for the next 3 months, I'd probably have a hell of a lot less ear irritation, but the question is, if I went back to it after 3 months, would I fall right back into this loop of slowly degrading my progress, or would my tolerance have increased? I guess nobody really knows, it just seems like there's so many contradictory things going on.

It's so disappointing that so many of these audiologists just seem clueless about this condition. Maybe I have gotten better with time but maybe it's not a coincidence I've been doing Pink Noise the whole time too..maybe it's psychological but I'm almost convinced that it's what's helped me.

I've been trying to relax more too which has helped quite a bit. Trying to just put myself back into normal life again without pushing it. I don't get worried about going to restaurants or bars anymore. It doesn't bother me that much and I know it's not loud enough to hurt me. I also have made some unfavorable choices to deal with the pain which include some recreational use of drugs and alcohol..I find that helps to take my mind off it too..


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Its a good point you make about how recovery gets defined.  You'll probably soon get to that point of telling people around you that you're fine (when you aren't) just so they can feel better.  It's tiresome but it's just easier. 
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